Saturday, June 18, 2016

High travel will run a risk of picking up bed bugs

Summer Vacations bring travel and unfortunately travel  can bring bed bugs who love to hitch a ride.

The pests love hitching a ride. Home may not be home sweet home too much longer. Due to Infestation in homes. But bed bugs don't discriminate. The critters will infiltrate  apartments, condos, hotels, hospitals, college dormitories and cruise ships.Bedbugs cause a lot of stress.  The pests,in the last ten years or so, have successfully re surged. The bed bugs increasingly become a huge problem in homes, apartments, condos, hotels, hospitals, college dormitories and cruise ships.

Adult bedbugs are wingless, reddish brown, flattened, oval, 4-5 mm long and are fast runners. It changes color to a deep red-brown after feeding off of a blood meal. The bed bugs are flat  from top to bottom and will swell up like a balloon when filled with blood.  The younger  bed bugs are called "nymphs" and look like adults only smaller. The nymphs go through 5 stages while going through growth spurts to mature bed bugs.. Each baby stage the bed bugs need a blood meal to grow  to the next level. Entire development from nymph to adult requires 6-8 weeks. Adults can live an average of up to 1 year. Eggs are very difficult to see as they are cream colored and only 1mm in length. Bed bugs have a piercing sucking mouth. The pests when attacking  inject an anti-coagulant then withdraw blood until full. Mature bedbugs feed every 5 to 10 days.

Bedbugs are associated with filth but this is not the case. The pests  are attracted to exhaled carbon dioxide and body heat and feed on blood, not dirt or waste. Having a clean  environment does not affect bedbugs. It is not  known that bed bugs  transmit disease to people. However, if the bed bug continues feeding on the same human cause an allergic reaction to the bedbug saliva. The reaction is much like the reaction to a mosquito bite.

Bedbugs can infest by hopping a ride as stowaways on luggage, clothing, used furniture, bed frames, mattresses and don't forget backpacks. The critters  can stick to clothing and move easily from one room to another. Once inside bedbugs can travel from room to adjacent rooms in the home or other areas like a dormitory. Or the bed bugs  remain close to the food source. The pests  are most likely to be in the bedroom in the bed frame, box spring, mattress, in the carpet, in the dressers, closets, behind baseboards, in picture frames and drapes. Bottom line is that the bedbugs can be found anywhere in the infested home or other locations.
If a bedbug infestation is suspected a thorough inspection by your AMPM Exterminators  professional is essential. The technician  will identify the invader and make recommendations for treatment. Bedbug treatment is extreme and has to be thorough and complete. In many circumstances more than one treatment is required for elimination. AMPM Exterminators will walk you through the protocol of preparation for treatment. As well as protocol for after treatment which must be followed to the tee.
How do I know if I have bed bugs
In the last few years bed bugs have made the news due to a rise in infestations. Often people may jump to conclusions that the unidentified  bumps showing up on the body are indeed bed bugs.  Bed bugs have sure made a comeback, but first let’s identify if there is a bed bug problem. The easiest way to check for bed bugs is to check the following areas.  A large percentage of bed bugs are located within 5 feet of the bed.  It is  recommended to take off all bedding, such as sheets, blankets, etc. and inspecting them thoroughly. It's crucial to do a very thorough inspection of the mattress and box spring.  Look carefully at all seams and especially on the bottom-side of the mattress.  Seeing any live bed bugs or dark spots indicates there are bed bugs.  Many times on an inspection it's a possibility to not find any live bed bugs (because they are hiding), but we’ll see the black spots they leave behind. Another common place to find evidence of bed bugs is on the bed itself, usually under the box spring.  Again, look for live bed bugs or black spots.  Other locations to search for bed bugs include couches, bookshelves, and electronic items close to the bed.  Because everyone reacts differently to bed bug bites, identifying the bed bugs is crucial.

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